Avondale Brewing Co. Latch-Lock Dog Collar

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Why we love this collar: 

Cycle Dog's No-Stink, highly durable dog collars and leashes are made using upcycled bicycle inner tubes as the backing.The Latch-Lock airline style buckle is super tough & totally cool.  

Why we love this brand: 

Cycle Dog creates the world’s best dog products with a focus on the environment and sustainability. They started in 2009 by upcycling inner tube rubber into their no-stink collars. Since then, they have saved millions of tubes from becoming landfill waste. All Cycle Dog products use post consumer recycled materials and are made to last, because durability equals sustainability. All handsewn products are proudly made in their facility in Portland, Oregon.

Large: 17" to 27"

Medium: 12" to 21"

Small: 10" to 16"

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